Hand CraftedBeverages


Coffee Drinks

Good ole’ cup of Joe brewed from our freshly roasted beans. Select from dark roast, medium roast, flavored or decaffeinated drip coffees brewed throughout the day or ask for hot or iced beverages made from brewed coffee.


Espresso Drinks

Espresso extracted from our in-house freshly roasted Italian Roast coffee is the base for all the beverages we prepared with espresso. Select from our classics to signature drinks combined with Ghirardelli and Swiss chocolates.



Favorite of all ages, velvety smooth chilled drinks made with blended ice, popular flavor syrups and base of your choice. Select from coffee-based, tea-based or non-coffee based varieties. Whipped cream is always optional and some frappes can be made with non-fat, soy, almond or coconut milk.


Hot Teas

Wide selection of popular brand tea bags, premium loose leaf teas, herbal teas are hot brewed to order or American style chai that can be flavored with any flavor you choose.


Iced Teas

Cold brewed, black, green, herbal, American chai and Thai styled iced beverages made to order with selection of milk of your choice. Iced tea Lemonades are made to order with option of simple sugar syrup.


Chocolate Drinks & Milk Steamers

Popular with all ages, hot or cold, select semi-sweet Swiss milk chocolate or Ghirardelli’s white chocolate. Whipped cream is always optional. Also available, milk steamers with all popular flavors and milk types.


Smoothies & Fresh Juices

Smoothies are made with frozen fruit chunks, juices, milk or non-fat frozen yogurts.We served freshly squeezed juiced, prepared to order from farm-fresh fruits and vegetables.


Italian Sodas

We carry extensive line of Torani syrups for sale and to flavor our old-fashioned Italian sodas. Our Italian Sodas are prepared by mixing Torani syrup with sparkling soda and crystal clear ice cubes. Fruity flavors are the most popular and we are always pleased to blend whatever flavors you pick to quench your thirst.


Bottled Drinks

We carry most popular Coca-Cola soda drinks, energy drinks, bottled juices, coconut water, spring waters, chilled in convenient sizes.