Oolong Teas From China

Organic Dark Oolong Quilan (China)

Organic Quilan Oolong tea, also known as Rare Orchid, is the quintessential Chinese Oolong tea. This dark brown colored leaf features a rich, sweet roasted flavor. This wonderful, fine Oolong satisfies the palate for a full-bodied tea that is perfectly paired with all foods, or leisurely sipping.Because they are oxidized longer than green teas, they contain a higher caffeine content and fuller flavor, and brew somewhat darker in the cup.

Organic Ti Kuan Yin Green Oolong (Fujian, China)

Ti Kuan Yin is the most famous of all organic Oolong teas. This tea is grown in the southern reaches of China’s Fujian Province. The tightly -rolled dark green organic loose leaf tea leaves yield a pale golden, smooth-bodied infusion with a complex aroma having accents of sweet flowers, rich greens and forest floor. The taste of the thick, nectar-like liquor is lightly vegetal, with slight floral qualities and a rich butteriness. The characteristic “oolong glow” is quite prominent and may be infused multiple times, with each infusion revealing a new nuance of this tea’s complex flavor.

Oolong Teas From Taiwan

White Tip Bai Ha Oolong Fancy (Taiwan)

Known as Oriental Beauty, Champagne Oolong or High Mountain Oolong, the White Tip BaiHao Oolong has wonderful and unique aroma said to be developed by insects which nibble on the leaves. The first farmer who noticed the bugs thought his crop was ruined for the year. Fortunately, he manufactured the tea anyway. This tea dates back to the late 1800’s and at one time it was the most expensive tea in the world as demand from Europeans and Americans pushed the price up to incredible levels.

Formosa Oolong (Taiwan)

This most basic grade of Oolong tea is known for fruity, floral aromas and delicate yet complex, and lush flavors. Taiwanese Oolongs can be infused multiple times, increasing the steeping time for each infusion. Taiwan, also known as Formosa from the Portuguese or Old Spanish Ilha Formosa, meaning “beautiful island”. Formosa Oolong is also referred to as Pouchong Oolong, High Mountain Oolong.This lightly oxidized oolong tea leaves are tightly rolled with a medium-green color. They yield a golden infusion with a flowery aroma and a subtle, buttery flavor, with a smooth body and lingering oolong finish.

Oolong Blends

Passion Fruit Oolong (Fujian, China)

This Fujian Oolong features a strong flavor and refreshing aftertaste; this variety is lightly flavored with passion fruit and contains real fruit pieces with marigolds and passion fruit flavors.

Tropical Oolong (Taiwan)

This is the blend of tropics for the lovers of Oolongs, enhanced with marigolds, safflowers and tropical flavors.