White Teas

Organic Pai Mu Tan Pure White Tea (China)

This white tea also known as Bai Mu Dan hails from China’s southeastern Fujian province. This superb organic tea is made from the uppermost two leaves and a bud, plucked in early spring and withered and dried in the sun before the buds are able to open. The leaves of this organic tea from China are green with plenty of buds that show a very light green almost grey white color, covered with a delicate velvety down. The pale green infusion has a delicate lingering fragrance, and a mellow sweetly vegetal taste.

Acai Berry White with Blueberries (China)

The antioxidant benefits of white tea, added with Acai berry, this nutritional powerhouse fruit, which comes from the Amazon rain forest and blueberries make this trio a popular healthy lifestyle tea. The Acai berry contains a long list of antioxidants, essential fatty acids, amino acids, iron, fiber, and calcium and Vitamins, B, C & E. This delicious trio is a dietary supplement that is supposed to help you get rid of excess pounds, detoxify your body, boost your energy and reduce bloat and gas. The thermo-genic effects of white tea burns fat and increases energy while the antioxidant effects of the trio may improve your overall health.

Pink SonomaTea(Wine Inspired Tea)

This unique blend is an inspired combination of tea and wine to suit many tastes and moods. White tea is mixed with rose petals, jasmine flowers and infused with cabernet flavoring. This is non-alcoholic!

Pomegranate Pai Mu Tan (China)

Light and refreshing, this tea is perfect any time of day. Made from the finest Bai Mu Dan white tea, pomegranate peels, safflowers, and natural pomegranate flavor, this blend fills your cup with the aroma of fresh-picked pomegranate and a delicate, mellow taste. Each sip is brimming with antioxidants

White Champagne Raspberry Tea (Wine Inspired Tea)

This unique blend is an inspired combination of tea and wine to suit many tastes and moods. White tea is scented with crisp champagne flavor, safflowers and red raspberry flavors. This is non-alcoholic!

White Ginger Orange Peach (China)

For the classic afternoon tea, a lively blend is always good choice and White Ginger Orange Peach tea is just that. The Bai Mu Dan version of white tea, an enhanced and strengthened variant of white, works well with fruit and spice flavors. The spice of ginger root and orange peel enhances the flavor of the tea. Peach, marigolds, and safflowers create a zesty new tea perfect for an afternoon draught.