GourmetCoffee Beans

Roasted fresh in-house in our roastery in Fremont, California


Dark Roasts

Roasting is a process that combines art and science. To bring the best out of the beans, some roasts need to be roasted dark. Our roast master selects beans and roasts them in small batches and based on the type of coffee, decides the temperature, time and desired roasting level. Darker roasts have less caffeine than lighter roasts.


Medium Roasts

Medium roasted coffee beans have more caffeine than dark roasted coffee beans. Our roast master has perfected the art of blending coffees from different regions to create blends that have unique flavor, body and acidity.


Decaffeinated Roasts

We use coffee beans that are decaffeinated by using Swiss Water Process or SWP for certain blends while some blends we stick to the conventional decaffeination process. Decafe beans are available dark, medium or flavored.


Flavored Roasts

We carry most popular flavored coffee beans and also carry holiday flavors during the holiday seasons. After roasting the beans, we use food-safe flavoring syrups to coat the beans and hand tumble to spread the flavor evenly.