Dark Roasts Blends

We buy the highest grade Arabica coffee beans throughout the year from every single coffee-growing region of the world. Our aim is to have full control over the quality of our roasted coffee we serve, provide the widest selection of the best blends and single-origin coffees and have coffee that is consistent in taste and fresh. Being a roaster, not only we have freshest supply of beans but we are also able to pass lower prices to our customers. To ensure the freshness, we only roast what we need in small batches using our San Franciscan roasting machine, right here in Fremont.

French Roast

Very dark brown roast, shiny with oil, burnt undertones with diminished acidity and light body makes this our most popular blend. Very dense green Arabica beans from higher altitude plantations are used in order to roast the beans at very high heat around 470 degrees without losing the intense smoky-sweet carbonytaste. Not all sugars are caramelized to ensure that our French roast is voluminous and not a thin cup of burned water!

Italian Roast

Full bodied roast cooked to perfection and cooled right after the second crack, brings the roasty aroma with mild smoky flavor with earthy and caramel-like notes. This roast brews a robust cup with spicy characteristics with a long finish typical of coffee from southern Italy. This is perfect for Italian style espresso drinks because it has sweet-bittersweet balance, body, crema, and finesse without letting go the West Coast espresso style with clean, moderate-bright accent, soft traces of fruit, body and depth. We are not very obsessive aboutcrema as our focus is more on the taste and crema is just a side product that makes the espresso look good!.

Houseblend Dark

Our most popular unique blend of Colombian, Mexican, Costa Rican and Sumatra beans, full bodied, and roasted dark like a French Roast. Sweeter, aromatic American coffees balanced with full body of Indonesian beans.

Roma Roast

Darker the beans get, lighter the body gets and acidity diminishes. For the coffee lovers who want the strong flavor without the thin cup, our Roma Roast is the answer. This is unique as it is darker than French Roast yet has a full body and acidic undertone.

Espresso Roast

Our darkest roast, almost black in color, medium bodied with an aggressive bite to it.


Our Sumatran roasted slightly darker to bring out velvety smooth full body that is rich, well-balanced, with herbal notes and a slight hint of tropical wood flavor. Our Sumatran beans are semi-washed coffees or “wet-hulled”, localy called GilingBasah, and have more body and often more of the “character” that makes Indonesians so appealing and slightly funky.

Celebes Kalossi

Also known as Sulawesi, Celebes island coffees have low-acidity with great body, creamy texture and that deep, brooding cup profile with intense foresty or earthy flavors, and nutty overtones.


From the birth place of human coffee consumption, this dark roasted, full bodied, rich coffee with cocoa undertones is very popular African coffee.