Flavored Black Teas

Apricot Nilgiri Tea

Black tea from high altitude Nilgirimountains with diced apricot pieces, marigolds with all natural apricot flavors

Coconut Vanilla Tea

Black Tea with shredded Hawaiian coconut, Madagascar vanilla bits with coconut and vanilla flavors.

Cosmopolitan Tea

Black tea blended with lavender, corn flowers, marigolds, safflowers with citrus fruit flavor. Sinful flavors without the buzz.

Cranberry Orange Tea

Black tea with safflowers, cranberries, orange peels with cranberry and orange flavor.

Mango Amazon Tea

Black tea with Alfonso mango pieces, and marigold flowers with mango and passion fruit flavors.

Mocha Mint Tea

Black tea with mint leaves, chocolate pieces and all natural chocolate mint flavor.

Noel Christmas Tea

Blended for holidays but favorite all around the year. Black tea with orange peel, apple pieces, California almond pieces, cinnamon chips, rose petals with cinnamon, orange spice and orange flavor.

Peña Colada Tea

Black tea, Hawaiian pineapple bits, shredded coconut, vanilla bits, vanilla, coconut & pineapple flavor.

Pumpkin Spice Tea

Black tea, marigolds and pumpkin spice flavor. Holiday favorite!

Tropical Birthday Tea

Black tea, marigold, safflower, corn flower, and blue mallow flower with passion fruit and Kent mango flavor. You can drink this even if it is not your birthday today!

Flavored PU-ERH Tea

Gook Po Cha (China)

This is a unique blend with Pu-Erh tea with golden chrysanthemum flowers and tangerine mandarin flavor.

Flavored Green Teas

Cherry Sencha Green Tea (China)

Sencha-styled green tea infused with cherry, fruit, safflower and cherry flavor.

Energizer Green Tea (China & South Africa)

This green tea blend brews an energizing concoction of rooibos, ginseng roots, linden blossom, rose petals, lemon and orange granule with lemon orange flavor.

Green Dragon Tea (China)

Top grade green tea with lemon peels, marigold petals, golden chrysanthemums with passion fruit and lemon flavor.

Moroccan Mint Green Tea (China)

Morrocan Mint is a perfect blend of Pinhead Gunpowder green tea and the highest grade herbal peppermint leaves.

Yuzu Berry SenchaTea (China)

A wonderful Yuzu Berry flavored sencha green tea. Yuzu Berry has a sweetness when steeped with green tea similar to the mandarin fruit.

Flavored Oolong Teas

Passion Fruit Oolong (Fujian, China)

This Fujian Oolong features a strong flavor and refreshing aftertaste; this variety is lightly flavored with passion fruit and contains real fruit pieces with marigolds and passion fruit flavors.

Tropical Oolong (Taiwan)

This is the blend of tropics for the lovers of Oolongs, enhanced with marigolds, safflowers and tropical flavors.

Flavored White Teas

Pink Sonoma Tea (Wine inspired tea)

This unique blend is an inspired combination of tea and wine to suit many tastes and moods. White tea is mixed with rose petals, jasmine flowers and infused with cabernet flavoring. This is non-alcoholic!

Pomegranate Pai Mu Tan (China)

Light and refreshing, this tea is perfect any time of day. Made from the finest Bai Mu Dan white tea, pomegranate peels, safflowers, and natural pomegranate flavor, this blend fills your cup with the aroma of fresh-picked pomegranate and a delicate, mellow taste. Each sip is brimming with antioxidants

White Champagne Raspberry Tea (Wine inspired tea)

This unique blend is an inspired combination of tea and wine to suit many tastes and moods. White tea is scented with crisp champagne flavor, safflowers and red raspberry flavors. This is non-alcoholic!

White Ginger Orange Peach (China)

For the classic afternoon tea, a lively blend is always good choice and White Ginger Orange Peach tea is just that. The Bai Mu Dan version of white tea, an enhanced and strengthened variant of white, works well with fruit and spice flavors. Our White Ginger Orange Peach White tea blend has a special depth of flavor that may allow nutrients to merge with your bloodstream more efficiently, and the spice of ginger root and orange peel enhances the flavor of the tea. Peach, marigolds, and safflowers create a zesty new tea perfect for an afternoon draught.

Fruits Tisanes

Hawaiian Paradise

Pineapple, apricot, peach, papaya, cranberry, and hibiscus with mango, passion fruit, and peach flavor.

Gold Rooibos Tisane

Rooibos, cinnamon chips, apricot pieces, and marigolds with apricot and cinnamon flavor.