Ayurvedic Herbal Teas

Ayurveda is India’s traditional, natural system of medicine that has been practiced for more than 5,000 years. Ayurveda is a Sanskrit word that literally translates as “science of life” or “practices of longevity.” Our Ayurvedic teas have been blended to complement the three doshas; Kapha, Pitta and Vata.

Pitta Dosha Ayurvedic Tea

Herbal blend for cooling mind, body and emotions. Pitta Dosha Ayurvedic Tea offers a restorative combination of chrysanthemum, saffron, marigolds, green cardamom, hibiscus, peppermint, sarsaparilla, raspberry leaves, lemond and peach flavor. A person with a Pitta constitution is characterized by a medium build, strong focus, sharp mind, competitiveness and distinct leadership qualities. However, a pitta imbalance can distort or vitiate these qualities to an extent where the afflicted person becomes irritable, suffers from increased body temperature, excessive perspiration and premature thinning of hair.This tea has a soothing and calming effect on the body and mind that help in restoring balance to Pitta energy. A perfect answer to a frustrated and uneasy state of mind!

VataDosha Ayurvedic Tea

Herbal blend for calming & slightly warming; chamomile, saffron, licorice, ginger root, fennel seeds, rosebuds, spearmint, rose hips, lemon grass, tulsi (holy basil) and natural orange flavor. Vatadoshaincludes the characteristics of light weight, constant mobility, dryness, a wispy quality and limitlessness. A person with more Vata in the constitution usually has a slender frame, is lively in thought and speech and has delicate skin.An imbalance in Vata is characterized by restlessness, roughness, excitability and inexplicable anxiety, racing thoughts, hyper tension and mental confusion. This tea helps in relaxing and calming the mind and body.Tulsi, also known as the queen of herbs, offers relief from stress while licorice sweetens the brew and is effective in pacifying Vata.

KaphaDosha Ayurvedic Tea

Herbal blend for stimulating & heating; an energizing combination of time tested herbs like ginger root, saffron, black pepper, licorice, clove, green cardamom, fennel, peppermint and tulsi with a dash of sambuca flavor. This tea helps in restoring balance to your Kapha. This fiery, peppered blend is for those in need of a little kick or welcome relief from a cold. The KaphaDosha governs the structural integrity of the body and protects it from the external environment by adding mass, stability and strength to it. A combination of water and earth, Kapha is believed to stabilize, calm and strengthen the system and empowers the body to ward of diseases.

Shanti Ayurvedic Tea (calming)

A delicious concoction of tulsi, saffron, fennel seeds, licorice, star anise, peppermint and lemon grass with a pleasing citrus fragrance, the unique herbal brew’s therapeutic properties can help in restoring calmness to the body and soul. This tea offers the ideal way to unwind and relax. A delicious blend of the choicest herbs helps in soothing and calming the harrowed mind. Tulsi has strong anti-oxidant properties which energize the body and help in relieving stress. Lemon Grass detoxes the body and helps alleviate insomnia and anxiety while star anise has carminative, stimulating and diuretic properties.

Om Ayurvedic Tea (stress relieving)

A delicious blend of cardamom, saffron, licorice root, fennel,ginger root, cinnamon, rosebuds, lemon grass and rose scent to invigorate your senses and feel your inner energy. Om Ayurvedic Tea helps the mind in coping with stress and rejuvenates the mind and body. Cardamom helps in balancing the 3 doshas and acts as an excellent digestive. Licorice sweetens the tea and helps in pacifying Vata. Ginger works as a carminative and digestive and helps in the effective treatment of dyspepsia.