Earl Grey Teas

Earl Grey Extra Fancy (India & Ceylon)

Named after the 1830’s British Prime Minister, Earl Grey is traditionally any tea scented with oil of Bergamot, a fruit which resembles an ugly orange found in Mediterranean climes.

Vintage Earl Grey (India & Ceylon)

Extra fancy whole leaf black tea with rose petals, lavender flowers, rosemary with rose and bergamot flavors.

Green Earl Grey (China)

This tea brews an absolutely delightful cup of green tea with bergamot flavors. This tea is manufactured using bold open face Gunpowder green tea base.

Oriental Beauty Earl Grey (Taiwan)

High Mountain or White Tip Oolong tea flavored with jasmine flowers and bergamot flavors.

Herbal Earl Grey De La Crème (South Africa)

This caffeine-free, organic infusion combines organic rooibos leaves (pronounced ROY -bus) with the classic flavor of natural oil of bergamot, corn flower and vanilla. This organic loose leaf herbal tea will not disappoint Earl Grey lovers looking for a little something different! Rooibos is an herb native to the beautiful Cedarberg region of South Africa.