Herbal Teas

Organic Chamomile Pure

The sandy loam and nutrients from the Nile create perfect growing conditions for this organic herbal tea. Chamomile flowers have a yellow center and white petal. The golden yellow infusion of this organic loose leaf herbal tea is floral, almost buttery, with the tiniest bit of tartness in the finish.

Organic Peppermint Pure

This pure peppermint leaves come from Northwestern US. The pure, moist mountain air of the spring and early summer growing season gives this organic herbal tea some of the highest volatile oil counts of any member of the mint family. As a bonus, it is naturally caffeine-free! Historically, peppermint has been used as a stewing herb by ancient Hebrews and has been found in 3000-year-old Egyptian tombs.

Organic Chamomile Mint

Very popular mix of Egyptian chamomile flowers and Northwestern peppermint leaves offers a soothing, uplifting treat! The peppermint is very prominent, but the chamomile is still present, making this a delightful organic herbal tea. It is slightly sweet, with a delightful lingering finish.

California Sunset

This herbal blend is infused with hibiscus, lemon peels, orange peels, rosehips, and rose petals with lemon flavor.Perfect for evening!

Evening Comfort

Wellness blend with organic peppermint leaves, ginger root and lemon peels.

Holy Detox

A soothing and relaxing blend of earthy organic tulsi (holy basil), rosehips, lemon myrtle, and spearmint and linden blossom-berry flavoring.Perfect for bedtime.

Organic Yerba Mate – Green Mate

A South American tradition revered for centuries. A remarkable herbal beverage with high nutritional content.A slightly more potent than coffee and much lighter on the stomach. Yerba Mate (pronounced YUR-ba MAH-tay ) is a small tree related to the holly plant (Ilex paraguariensis ), native to the subtropical highlands of Brazil, Paraguay , Uruguay , and Argentina where it is considered the national beverage.The light green leaves of this organic tea from South America yield an earthy,vegetative brew with a distinct herbal quality that can almost be characterized as minty . Yerba mate contains a natural compound similar to caffeine called matteine.