Italian Sodas

With handwritten recipes from their hometown of Lucca, Italy, Rinaldo and Ezilda Torre introduced Torani syrups to the North Beach neighborhood of San Francisco in 1925. Mixing their syrup recipes with sparkling water, the Torres introduced the classic Italian soda to local cafes, and soon began mixing, blending and selling Torani Syrups from their Italian wholesale grocery. We carry extensive line of Torani syrups for sale and to flavor our old-fashioned Italian sodas. Our Italian Sodas are prepared by mixing Torani syrup with sparkling soda and crystal clear ice cubes. Fruity flavors are the most popular and we are always pleased to blend whatever flavors you pick to quench your thirst.

Flavors Available:

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Alomod Roca Cocount Orange, Mandarin Sugar Free Almond
Amaretto Cream Caramel Orgeat (Almond) Sugar Free Blackcherry
Apple English Toffee Passion Fruit Sugar Free Caramel
Apricot French Vanilla Peach Sugar Free Chocolate
Banana Ginger Spice Peppermint Sugar Free Coconut
Blackberry Grape Pineapple Sugar Free Hazelnut
Blueberry Guava Pomegranate Sugar Free Irish Cream
Boysenberry Hazelnut Pumpkin Spice Sugar Free Lime
Butter Rum Irish Cream Raspberry Sugar Free Mango
Butter Scotch Kiwi Strawberry Sugar Free Peach
Caramel Lime Vanilla Sugar Free Raspberry
Cherry Macadamia Nut Watermelon Sugar Free Strawberry
Chocolate Mint Mango Sugar Free Vanilla
Cinnamon Menthe,Crème De